Fairies and dandelion flower, the dandelion, the plant is considered prophecy and loyalty. 
The Garden in spring
A trip to the garden, full of flowers, a paradise of colours and perfumes, after months of rain, the spring is already showing the first blooms.


Ravenna is a lovely green corner behind the Battistero Neoniano.

The Italian Embassy in Brasilia, was designed by architect Pier Luigi Nervi in ' 77, today has become a "Green" example for other embassies.


 The "Venaria Real" 

A resident of Savoy, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1997. The Palace ofVenaria is located in the homonymous town of Venaria Real in Turin province, situated on the confluence of the rivers Stura di Lanzo and Ceronda, at the base of the Arch of the Graian Alps.

Fraforeano Park

Between fascination and curiosity

Flower Beds

Flowew beds

The roses are always protagonists of flowerbeds, with Benjamin Britten roses you can get a nice mixed bed








Traces of Arab culture in Sicily

In Sicily, there are gardens that have the features of Arab culture, characterized by 200 years of domain, from 827 to 1060, which touched many aspects, both in architecture and in agriculture, and influenced the culture.



inscription newsletter:

Jaakko Pernu 

is a Finnish sculptor and environment artist living in the city of Oulu. He has been working 20 years with natural material - often in an oversized scale. Lately he has been working mostly abroad creating many public site specific works around Europe and Canada.

The elegance of the Camellia

The plant Camellia, reached its popularity in 1848 following the success of the novel by Dumas, The Lady of the Camellias


Babylone by Alexis Tricore is a spherical Plexiglas pendant “for planting with lighting.” The 220 V light at the globe’s center is a glowing tube that serves to light up interior spaces, GO


l'Ibisco or Hibiscus, belongs to the family of Malvaceae that includes about 300 species of small trees, shrubs and herbaceous annual or perennial plants. The name comes from the Greek and probably was given by Dioscorides, a well-known physician of antiquity, lived in the first century a.d. GO

"Cassia fistula"

 The representative of Thailand flower "Golden rain tree Cassia fistula, ราชพฤกษ์ Thai – ratchaphruek – known as the" golden shower tree ".GO


Fear and fascination, respect and contempt, the attraction and repulsion, greed, guilt and a feeling of nausea. These are the emotions that Thomas Jeckson evokes through research of form and movement in his installations. GO