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who is Bea?

"I'm a cook and a teacher of natural food, Cook with organic produce, possibly a km zero, accompanied by spontaneous herbs and edible flowers. Flowers in the kitchen are my specialty. I come from traditional cuisine, I was born and raised in restaurants, but the thing I made him happy, and so I moved away from there started my attached path with herbs. The job of chef is a prestigious job and great satisfaction, but my greatest satisfaction is to feel good people through what I learned in 30 years of working on the food.


A fashion or a cooking tradition with flowers?

I am a custodian of the traditions related to the territory and use the kitchen to make local development, starting from the typicality of the products that make it unique in an innovative way, ethical, ecological and doing network.  I'm opening a cooking school in Bologna where he will teach only to Cook, but we'll also "nutrition education" with the support of technicians, operators, doctors, nutritionists and chefs who want to stick to my project: "you know that food is your best friend?"  Nature teaches that everything is related and the love of nature you can point the way to go also through the choice of what to bring on our tables.

How much love and how much passion for your job?


My dishes are true symphonies of flavors, aromas, colors. Food for me is life, my kitchen has to express joy and eliciting smiles and pleasure. The use of seasonal ingredients, organic, short chain or known, ethics as a base, ecology as thought, as "dogma", joy and gladness as indispensable ingredient, are things that don't always make it easy to work, but personally I decided many years ago that I never cooked for others something that I never would have given to my children or myselfand so everything has to be in all respects!




It's easier to eat a dish with flowers to a child than an adult?

Children are curious, to teach children what are the flowers which must not touch! Adults are like kids, depends on how the dish is served, and I must say that whoever comes close to my kitchen often tries as a sort of redemption towards that childhood where we were told that the Earth was dirty and could not bring the herbs at the mouth! How many daises eat hidden ... with the discernment of adult and with the confidence that you create between me and my guests, eat the flowers becomes a sort of homage to the man and the earth itself, an act of love and complicity!

When you render a plate what's your thoughts?

Cook is an alchemy, you bring a transformation and for me is always an act of love, is a dialogue while I cook, a dialogue with food, a dialogue with cooks, a subtle dialogue with creation and who will receive my food, cook it for me as a silent prayer, in fact I put myself in my room and calmly make my preparations with singing in the heart until the time of service, moment in which a Symphony is done. While I compose a dish, often, what I had in mind before or during moulting, it completely distorts and does a compositions that also amazes me, in fact I say often that are the flowers that make me Cook, I cook with them! My work is created every day, is a potpourri of pour skills that make me "only" in my genre and what I don't mind at all!


Do you have a personal cultivation (a garden) or the plants and flowers that grow wild uses?

I live in the city, albeit alongside s. Luca, from my balcony is a 50 metre Hill, surrounded by trees, but I didn't land and time to cultivate it, when ... so I work with farmers (some of them I do lectures at a training company, treat my lessons on how and what to do to enhance their products and make them only) which I supply of their wonderful products grown with love and respect for the Earth. Spontaneei flowers are wonderful, now I know where to find them, when and how, but I often have to get help from organic growers of edible flowers, because they are many in the kitchen!   I have a terrace planted with herbs and edible flowers.


The flowers are traditionally used in different cuisines: European, Asian and Oriental, in Italy because the flowers on your plate are a little bit suspicious?

My menu is composed of a break fame, a first, a second and a small sweet little sweet and must include a cereal, a legume and raw and cooked vegetables. Vegetables for me is the main pot and around the various vegetables turns preparing the entire menu. Keep account of 5 flavors (sweet, salty, bitter, pungent and acid) balance some foods with herbs and spices, and the flowers with their perfume and their colors are that added value that make it unique every course!



Yet many who habitually eat flowers, pumpkin flowers, cauliflower, artichokes, broccoli etc. Why are we reluctant to introduce other flowers in our diet?

From my point of view the flowers should be consumed raw and poorly handled.  In fact, the cauliflower there comes from eating it raw even if slightly marinated is delicious, the courgette flowers fill them and fry them or bake them into risotto, the artichokes retain them, the broccoli is cooked them exhausted, while barely steamed and served with a mustard emulsion are fabulous! The flower is delicate, our kitchens are processed, often heavy, there's a lot of meat, fish, fries, the flowers require delicacy ... Lo and behold, here come in also friends field herbs!  They are one of the most vital foods that I know of! Herbs and sprouts are invigorating, loads of energy, nutrients that bring life in immediacy to our being! A flower brings beauty, color, shape, fragrance, when we eat a flower is like bringing a note of levity into us.

Now return to a natural food is a trend or a need?


Return to natural food is a need, we have a standard of living that we can no longer afford to eat without asking what we really need and what creates that our gesture ... The food should bring pleasure at the sight, taste, mood, but also to the body; our body is our best friend, takes us from which we are born and it is thanks to him that we can accomplish anything.


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