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Lucia Menicocci

San Giovanni in Tuscia 12 October 2013

Meet Lucia Menicocci was how to meet Flora, fairy from sleeping beauty in the Woods, so we like to think while going to the Woods to try his herbs.

Herbs, are exposed in a permanent exhibition inside the palazzo del comune di San Giovanni, a rigorous and precise Herbarium, spontaneous plants of Tuscia, every plant, is pressed and dried and then on a plasticized cardboard, to keep it intact.
The plants thus paginated over white cardstock, resemble botanical drawings, some of which have retained their original colors, even after laminating.
There are about three hundred medicinal plants, herbs and flowers, collected by Lucia Menicocci, everywhere in Tuscia.
The territory of Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia, is situated between the hills of Poggio and Le Querciole Pointed with an altitude of 329 metres above sea level and has typical features of the territory, an alternation of olive groves and oak woods.


Lucia has collected many plants throughout his life, starting as a child, when his father was in the country for the olive harvest, said that the plants were and she didn't ever disappointed you, collecting and fixing among his books.
Begin to catalog them thanks to the book: "secrets and virtues of medicinal plants", is thus recognising plants that meet, notes in the margin the botanical name of the plant, the family and where was collected in order to create a precise map Botany of medicinal plants that grow and grow on the territory of Tuscia.
In 2006 is Lucia Menicocci which publishes "American green" a book that describes some of the plants collected by you, a Breviary of spontaneous plants published by seven cities of Fernandez srl the book is divided into THERE areas: along the way, and around Hedges, fields and meadows, in the shade of the forest, The water's nearby home.
The plants "along the way" are the herbs that he met, on roadsides, those who resist and arise spontaneously without treatment.
The plants ' hedges and ... dintorni "in gathering Lucia Menicocci, there are many species of hedgerows, the plum, Hawthorn, vitalba, broom and beyond rose many other plants that grow in the shade of the hidden bushes, sparagina, wild pea, chickling add glitter.
The plants "To fields and meadows" in front of the House, there was a field where I often went to collect plants, one day the owner I worked so deep to change the ecosystem of that land, so they disappear all spontaneous plants, for me that was a continuous discovery, like the precious cornflower that annually returned to flourish.
Plants in "in the shadow of the forest"-plants "Le amiche" water plants "nearby" house plants I come to try and seeds carried by wind and birds spontaneously arrive in pots on my terrace, I leave it grow not tearing away so I recognise and catalogue.
About new and old plants, meeting and collected with the care of a mother who recognizes and calls them by name.
Fiori&Forchette Thanks Lucia Menicocci for his willingness to release the interview.


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