Alexis Tricoire

He graduated the National School of Decorative Arts in 1994, French artist and designer, has highlighted the relationship between the plant world 

and contemporary architecture through atypical creations, where the staging of nature occupies a predominant place.

Nature becomes a tool of expression, with one goal: create amazement. Hanging gardens, created with design-inspired shapes, suspended shapes 

fitted with special equipment to feed the plants with mini led lights, creating a new ecosystem.



Babylone by Alexis Tricoire is a spherical Plexiglas pendant “for planting with lighting.” The 220 V light at the globe’s center is a glowing tube that serves to light up interior spaces, 

including its closest surrounding space—the planter itself. Babylone includes five openings “that allow stems and leaves to meander out of the globe,” as well as one larger opening for plant watering and maintenance.

Babylone is a 50-cm ball with pumice in its bottom; the pumice absorbs water and “contains minerals and micro nutrients that feed the plants.” Because of this material, the plants housed in Babylone only need watering every three weeks.